Soft Focus Radio 26 / Play It Louder Takeover

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This Sunday we joined forces with the Play It Louder fam. They have been everywhere after the release of a well received new compilation.

Two of their artists, Congruence and Is It Tomorrow, took over the second hour with fine mixes. Playing own stuff, music from the new compilation and some other favorites.

Congruence is a collaboration project uniting the forces of producers Soundpalette (@soundpal) and ESCPE (@escpemusic). Is It Tomorrow is a young and ambitious producer from Cracow, Poland. Mixing hip hop beats heavy bass lines and low-pitched vocals he developed his own style.

@playitloudrr | @congru | @is-it-tomorrow

Cover photo by Helsinki based photographer Matti Keski-Kohtamäki. 
His instagram profile is a tribute to the beautiful city we live in.


Sammy Jam

Fossa: Bae
James Bay: Let It Go [Powercord Remix]
S.Fidelity: Bounce With Me
cln: Better Than (Feki Remix)
Alicks & Izzard: Looking Out With You
Grzzly Millz: Soulmstrd
Rvdical The Kid: Tokyo
Vérité: Strange Enough [Cosmic Quest Remix]
Submerse: Moon To Mars [Submerse Remix]
Sāj - Poison: The Fixation
Maximus MMC: White Lies
Kuma & Aywy: Intervals
Mike Pattern: Smoke On A Rooftop [Remix]


Astronote ft. Séou: BYM Pt.2 (IKYK)
LION KNGS ft. Santell: 2Much
Handbook: Swans (It’s Up To You)
J-Louis ft. OriJanus: Hot N Ready
DAILON: Nomattrwut
Bonham Carter: Bleeby
Chance The Rapper: Lost [TephLon x Larce Remix]
Jaw Jam: Jeremih Bootleg
IanEwing x A Sol Mechanic: TrustInYou
Mdnt: 1v1
SimilarObjects: Letting Go (Lamed Yud Yud)
SimlarObjects: Angel’s Breath
Abhi//Dijon: Distant Love



CONGRUENCE: Oasis [Unreleased]
CONGRUENCE: Let Go [Play It Louder Vol.3]
Lakim: Voodoo
Sam Gellaitry: Grot
Dpat & Atu: Nothing Here
Sango: Here With Me
Fortune: Grind [Play It Louder Vol. 3]
Soundpalette: Questions
ESCPE: Immerse
Soundpalette: The Underground [Future Beats Records]
ESCPE: Feelings
Lancaster: Ariana [Play It Louder Vol. 3]
Tehkal: Eddy [CONGRUENCE Remix]

Is It Tomorrow

Niko Javan ft. Jessica V: Let Go [Telescope Thieves Remix]
Jordan James & Elkco: Show You Off
Mincha: Tales For Her
Dreamers Delight: Those Vibes
Justine Skye: Without You [Guffstar Edit]
RJ Tripps: Cali
Kosa: French [Lloyd bootleg]
Is It Tomorrow : And Me
Four Tet: Ever Never [The Ninetys Remix]
LWKY ft. Theodor: Flow


Full Crate x Mar: She Was Fly
Lasha: Don’t You Know
Froyo ma ft. off.white: Sidereal

Wes Pendleton - LoopWhole (2014)


Another soulful act to come out of Philly, Wes Pendleton sure knows how to put together some grooooovy vibes.

After joining forces with Mellow Orange, the groove connoisseur is back at it with another instrumental release, entitled “LoopWhole”. The new EP features 9 hip-hop, loop-based instrumental tracks, including a bonus track featuring 42North.

Wes promises that plans are already being made for this release to be available on vinyl as well. Sounds good, we need this in our archives!

-Sammy Jam

Slow Motion / Mixed by Sammy Jam

Here it is, second installment to our mixtape series started by Ink’s ‘Exposure’.

Inspired by our trip to Miami a couple of years ago, I went in to craft a mix dedicated to the cocktail infused slow life lived under tall palm trees and heavy sunshine by the turquoise waters. Ink’s cover captures the feel perfectly really.


4Real: I Mind
c r o s s a n: Hazed
Rey Ruccio: Diamonds
B L V C S V N D: Waiting
Wayvee x Elaksi: The Reason
Downstate: Night Colour
Young Husky: Make Me Feel
Ekany: Zen Supremacy
BIN5: Hold Me
Alexander Supertrill: Empathy
Maximus MMC: D r o p

Hope you dig it!

-Sammy Jam

Play It Louder Vol. 3 ( 2014 )

Another strong release from Play It Louder fam. Compilation vol. 3 showcases smoothest future beat vibes at the moment. So many Soft Focus favorites on this one: KidGhost, Cosmic Quest, Dave Luxe, Telescope Thieves, Dailon and many more. 


Submerse - Slow Waves ( 2014 / Project: Mooncircle )

'Slow Waves' is the first full length release on Project: Mooncircle from Tokyo based producer Submerse. He’s master of adding elements on gritty samples making beautiful and unique soundscapes. That’s that night time music. Let me sit and think for a while type of music. 

Slow Waves is a collection of multi-layered memories, stacked like grainy polaroids in an old box in the closet or under the bed while the colours fade. A young Rob at the beach or on his first day of grammar school. Images of travels across Europe and Japan, moments slipping in trains or planes while landscapes pass by. Memories so unique to his life, yet so similar to the fading memories of youth and adolescence we all have… 

Vinyl seems to be already sold out, so cop the digital release. 


J-Louis - Soulection White Label: 10 ( 2014 )


Soulection is back with the 10th installation of their White Label Series. This time it comes from young beatmaker and drummer from LA, J-Louis.

You may remember Mr. Louis as the resourceful young man who experimented with beatmaking on his iPhone in the past. This time, he’s been working with Ableton and other music creation programs to develop his signature sound further.

On this project the sound is more uptempo, but still got that future bass vibe. He’s remixing and sampling RnB vocals and collaborating with oriJanus on one track. 


Soft Focus Radio 25 / A-STRVYT Guest Mix


Soft Focus show broadcasting live on Basso Radio every other Sunday from 8 PM till 10 PM (EET / GMT+2).
Worldwide via

After busy weekend, gigs and all the partying, we came to the studio looking like shit, but still feeling pretty great. It’s the last weeks of summer here in Finland so you must go all out.

For the session we got help form France, BMS and Future Haze member A-Strvyt did a great guest mix and took the lead on the second hour. Good vibes only.


Cover photo by Helsinki based photographer Matti Keski-Kohtamäki. 
His instagram profile is a tribute to the beautiful city we live in.




YUMO: Future Nubian Queen (Pt II)
Basecamp: Rydia
4Real: Settle For My Love
KidGhost: Love Me Now
Submerse: Struck Out
AbJo: Infinite Y’all (Souls Of Mischief) [AbJo Refix]
Foisey.: It’s Like.Tht
Allan Kingdom ft. Spooky Black: Wavey
Tapes: The Blue Room
Akouo: Seas Roll On
SassyKitty x Dreems: A Second
I’m From Finland: Limbo
Submerse: Approaching Ends
JL: What U Do
Luke Picket: LYIW [Soft Glas Remix]

Sammy Jam

Rey Ruccio: Memories
Rey Ruccio: Beyond The Boundary
KR$CHN: Trauma
KidGhost: Wonderful
Rome Fortune ft. Candice Mims: Cool Too
Lyrica: All The Way [Guffstar Edit]
Wyattmusic: Attention
KURAK: Notes [Deep Shoq Remix]
Soul_Brk: SNSVXL
JL: Never Have
Thatday: It’s All Yours

A-STRVYT [1:07:20 - 1:53:20]

PARTYNEXTDOOR: Options [Axxxxgxxx Remix]
Justin Bieber: Change Me [OBESØN Edit]
TVNE: Love & Lingerie
Kaytranada ft. Shay Lia: Leave Me Alone
10A: Long Time Coming
Vanessa Elisha: Ocean [Seywood Remix]
Aywy. & Ekali: Your Love
Yung Lean: Kyoto [Habstrakt Flip]
JAHKOY: Poison [P. C. Justice & Fortune]
MadBliss: Your Flaws
SkulkMuzik: Ho No
Lucas: Keep U Warm
Rich Beatz & Fortune: Dive
Berlioz: San Juan Sunset
Abhi//Dijon: Let You Know [MisterMack Version]
Twenty9: So Far Ahead
Ciara: Sorry [Dave Luxe Refix]
Haan808: Beyreza
Break.: The Morning After
Ellie Goulding: Tessellate [Kojo Refix]
Doja Cat: So High
Nujabes: Mystline [Abjo Refix]
Rome Fortune: Get The Guap [Chris McClenney & Fortune Remix]
R.O.M.: You Everything
Spooky Black: Without You [Great Dane Bootleg]

Sammy Jam

Kuma: Beneath The Flowers
Jordan Rakei ft. Gwen Bunn: Street Light

Rey Ruccio - Electrik Dream Pt. III (2014)


Rey Ruccio dropped this mangificent album last month. Been going back to it times and times again after that. It is what the title says really, a perfect trip to the dream land painted vivid by Rey’s electronic beats. This would be a perfect sonical backdrop for a night ride around a sleeping metropol on your fixie bike. Just cruising with no destination, enjoying the night vibes to the these delightful sounds.

- Sammy Jam

Soulection x Europa Tour Round I x Stockholm


Back in June Soulection fam did their first tour in Europe. We travelled to Swedish capital Stockholm to see them live. Joe Kay, The Whooligan, Esta and Mr.Carmack offered good vibes for the growing audience on this intimate outdoor venue. 

Our goal is to bring these cats to Finland in the near future. So Soulection fam, if you guys see this, holla!

Photos by Ink.

YUMO - Immigrant Sound EP ( 2014 )

We played a lot of tracks from YUMO when he started to throw them on Soundcloud. Recently we haven’t heard new music from him and that’s because he was working on this new EP called ‘Immigrant Sound’.  

YUMO, hailing from Brisbane, Australia, has a nice unique style. On the EP, there’s slower tracks like ‘Roger dat’ and ‘Future Nubian Queen (Pt II)’ and uptempo cuts ‘Pon dem’ and ‘Liquid’. But it doesn’t matter what the tempo is, every track has a cool little bounce, YUMO trademark. Even though there’s lots of things happening on these tracks, he manages to keep everything on place, making a beautiful and smooth mixture of carefully selected sounds. He’s throwing new elements in when you least expect it. I would like to specifically mention horns and how they blend in.

It’s hard to select my favorite tune. I like the soulful future groove ‘Future Nubian Queen (Pt II)’, but I’m also more than happy to hear Jordan Rakei on YUMO production, together they are making EP’s last cut ‘Liquid’ a real masterpiece. 

Buy the EP from bandcamp.