IAMNOBODI - Dearly Beloved EP ( 2014 )

When you’re not expecting anything, this mastermind from Germany drops a new EP or I would say full lenght album called ‘Dearly Beloved’ with 16 new tracks. RnB and soul influenced high quality future beat music as usual. 

Cop the EP from bandcamp, you need this. We all do.


ESTA. - So On ( 2014 )

Esta stayed creative through his recent tour in Asia and managed to make music between gigs. Here’s a collection of those tracks and a few extras.


Ziga Murko - Just Coastin’ EP ( 2014 )


Ziga Murko is one of my favorites at the moment. Warm sounds, sample chops and effects are on point. This talented musician has that certain elegancy is his work. 

This is his new 3+1 track EP, produced in sLOVEnia (March/April 2014) 


Soft Focus x Basso Radio


Show 16. First show from the new Basso studio.

Inscape - Inscape EP (2014)

Very impressive EP by Fairfax, VA native Incape. Melancholic, but mesmerizing soundscapes.

I’ve had a pretty slow morning and this one provided the fitting sounds for this state of mind. 

- Sammy Jam

Soft Focus Radio 16



Show number 16 and finally live from the new Basso studio. Better location and the vibe in the studio itself is better. Looking good Basso. This time we didn’t go too fast. It was pretty much ‘mellow vibes for Sunday nights’ themed show. With a few exceptions.

Cover photo by Helsinki based photographer Matti Keski-Kohtamäki. 
His instagram profile is a tribute to the beautiful city we live in.




Summer Occasion: Nebulove
Clara La San: Nineteen Twenty
Piff Gang ft. Louis M^ttrs: Middle Finger
Reliance Crew: Mushroom Tea ( with Lemon)
Black Parachute: Dream
?: Drunk in Love
Ziga Murko: No Means Yes
Losco: When
Crossan: Scatter
Wes Pendleton: Spellbound
MisterMack: Extro / After the Fact
Aaliyah: 4 Page Letter [NΞHZVIL Rework]
Klo: Make Me Wonder
Dailon: Glory Daze
GoldLink ft. Kali Uchis: Divine
Tek.Lun: Get Me.
Tele Fresco: Peacocking
Pharrell: Excuse Me Miss [Fingalick Rerub]
Elaksi x Aywy.: Nobody Else
JMSN: Do U Remember The Time [Evil Needle Remix]
Kit Pop: Just Another Day
Jesse Boykins III: Show Me Who You Are
Melodiesinfonie: Between Dreams
Clara La San: Let You Go
Zuper: Perfect Melody
Phlux: Sierra

Sammy Jam

Remedee x Paul Maxwell: Hold
?: I Forgive You
Melo B Jones: Shoulda Woulda Coulda
Tycho: A Walk [Jay Oskulata Bootleg]
Da-P x Tigerblood: Rock U [SevnthWonder Edit]
Soh Yung: Dreams VIP
TIBE x Manitee: Earthdragon
Elliot Moss: Slip
The Weeknd: The Host [Paul Maxwell Remix]
Jon Phonics: Yoga Selfie
Doja Cat: So High [SteLouse Flip]
Noï: Injuction
MF Doom: DOOM$DAY (AceMyth Remix)
Samuel Truth: Trout Is Salmon
Soh Yung: Seattle
YathaBhutaJazzCombo: Universe Is Love [NeguimBeats Remix]
Froyo Ma: Pizza & Wontons
Replife x Kissey Asplund: Elevation [Buscrates Remix]
Muzik Jones Drew: Fly Girl

Play It Louder Vol.2 ( 2014 / Compilation )

Another fine compilation. This time from Montreal based record label Play It Louder. Lots of familiar names on this one. Telescopes Thieves, Haan808, El Train, Aywy, just to name a few.  

"Play It Louder Vol.2 is a compilation of 17 chilled out songs that embodies a true love story. Love can be reflected in many forms; whether it’s from that moment you had with a complete stranger, the everlasting bond that connects you to a soulmate, the most fulfilling moments you share with your closest friend(s) and family member(s) or through a deep respect and understanding for the mother earth. Love is everywhere you put your heart to! 

Our intentions with Vol.2 are to spread the love and unity feel through this beautiful, mesmerizing media that is music! Vibes are slow, experimental, sexy, powerful & meaningful. #demfeels ”


GoldLink - The God Complex ( 2014 )

I’m truly loving this album. This is fresh. GoldLink’s voice and flow is something else. And the beats on the album, especially the ones done by Fingalick and Louie Lastic. Those guys are shining.

Great album.


Melodiesinfonie - Friede Freude ( 2014/Boyoom Connective )


We’ve been following Melodiesinfonie for a while now. I think first tracks we heard from him were more than two years ago. He had that sound we were heavily into back then and that made us start Soft Focus. Warm, smooth, ‘dilla influenced’ beat music. 

This young guy, still in his twenties, hailing from Zurich, Switzerland has been busy working ever since. There’s 119 songs in his soundcloud page alone. After various projects and beat tapes his debut full length album is finally out.

"Melodiesinfonie’s music has been inspiring thousands of music lovers the past couple of years. He makes a clear statement of positivity with a sound which is nostalgic and very modern at the same time. He is all about spreading love and freeing spirits and he lets the music do the talking, because his beats speak for themselves as for his playful and pure approach to music. 

We are very excited and proud to present Melodiesinfonies not only first release on Boyoom Connective, but also his Debut Album available as a hard copy for all the vinyl lovers. “Friede Freude” which translates with “peace and joy” is a statement of a young talented musician who proves once again that a cheerful mind can create awesome music that will cheer up even the grumpiest soul.” 

-Maloon TheBoom, feb 2014 ( Boyoom Connective

Order the album (vinyl) on HHV: 


Tek.Lun - Ridin’ Round ( 2014 / Huh What & Where )


Young Tek.Lun from Baltimore has been busy in the lab. This is his first beat tape on Huh What & Where.

"We first were introduced to Tek.lun when he was just 17. He made a guest appearance then on our first compilation, HW&W Vol. 1 and sent us beats for the next 3 years. A part of the legendary beat sessions on youtube back in the day with Kaytra and Kaelin.. Tek.lun has been in the lab working.. What we have today is his debut beat tape, Ridin’ Round.. a collection of the best tracks we’ve heard from him up to this point. This is to bump in your whip late night driving around smoking that good. Baltimore, stand up."

It’s a nice beat tape including features from Lakim and GoldLink.