Neck - Can’t Get ( 2014 )


Neck is a producer from Budapest. He has been making hip hop beats for a long time. He’s also releasing house tunes under alias Monkeyneck

"Can’t Get" EP is the first release under Neck.

"these beats represent my hip hop roots and the experimental/chilltrap side of my musical taste and you can also catch me playing the trumpet in the beats."

I guess it’s the trumpet that makes he’s stuff stand out. Loving the smooth feel it adds to these tracks. Everything else is on point too. From vocal cuts to hard hitting drums. Excellent release.


Phil Gerus - Rainy On The Bright Side ( 2013 )

I wanted to share Phil’s older release too. ‘Rainy On The Bright Side’ came out last year on Symbols. The vibe is strong on this one too. Get it from beatport or itunes.


Phil Gerus - Opposites Left Together EP ( 2014 )

It’s been a while since our last modern funk post, but I just recently found this awesome producer and I want to share his beautiful music with you. Phil Gerus, Tokyo born but nowadays hailing from Moscow is a classically trained pianist who grew up playing in a family jazz trio. His style is modern funk but he is also taking lots of influences from electronic and beat music scenes. 

"Widely exploring software such as Reaktor and Max/Msp, Phil has constructed a very unique world of synths, walking basslines and expertly crafted beats. Easy to get lost in and hard to come back from."

That is true.

Opposites Left Together EP' came out on vinyl couple of weeks ago and digital release dropped yesterday.


Penthouse Penthouse - Besides EP ( 2014 )

We’ve been waiting for this. New release from the LA duo Penthouse Penthouse. First track ‘Private Jet’ has been out for a good while, but now we’re finally able to grab it. As a track number 2 they offer an instrumental of ‘Let me see that’ which appeared on souncloud last month. Then we have two fresh tracks with two great collaboration, ‘When it rains’ with Stwo and ‘Last Stop’ with Jnthn Stein. All four tracks are from the summer 2014, written and recorded in Downtown Los Angeles. And that’s exactly what they sound like, summer in LA. 

PP’s style is so unique; smooth, classy but at the same time rough. Now that the summer is coming to an end I hope they head into the studio and create more of this greatness.


Somico - Vol. 1 (2014)

Started my day with this electronic instrumental compilation and it made me feel soooo old. Not the music, that charged me right up! I mean the description of Somico, the collective behind this excellence. It reads: “Somico - electronic music collectibe for artists eighteen and younger”.

Enough with the non-sense I’m-too-old-bull right? Okay so, the musical content. The compilation features music from every member in the collective which totals in 31 tracks. Usually when I see a tracklist this long, I skip it right away. Not this time, fortunately.

Overall the music is moody and emotional, with mellow and floating downtempo soundscapes sometimes accompanied by wistful vocal samples creating an indie-like feel. Teenage trip hop it says in the tags. Oh wait, it doesn’t. But it describes this pretty well, you’ll hear it. The sounds offer the perfect backdrop for, lets say, a slow morning behind the office desk going through countless emails and sipping cups of good ol’ joe. Makes the time fly by. 

Not only is this a magnificent piece of music, it also offers a directory of artists we will be seeing taking over the future beats world in the coming years. I mean, there’s plenty of potential here and who knows what these youngins are able to create in the future if this is the level now.

- Sammy Jam

Soft Focus Radio 27 / SevnthWonder Guest Mix

Soft Focus show broadcasting live on Basso Radio every other Sunday from 8 PM till 10 PM (EET / GMT+2).
Worldwide via

It was a great feel coming to this session, well prepared, knowing we’re going to have a good time. Lots of fresh new finds from the crates and some special treats. Biggest treat was of course the impressive guest mix from SevnthWonder himself. Was an honor to have him in the show.

And special thanks to all the artists sending their music for the show <3


Cover photo by Helsinki based photographer Matti Keski-Kohtamäki. 
His instagram profile is a tribute to the beautiful city we live in.




El. Train: U Say 2 Me
Full Crate vs. Justin Bieber: Change Me [Edit]
LeDouix: Me & You
The Code: Natural
Break: Infinity
Jay Prince: All You
Krs Allen: Episode 11
Origimoz: Time
Origimoz: OffTake
Scientific: Porcelain
StarRo: California
Khalil: Time For Bed [Guffstar x ROM Edit]
The Weeknd: What You Need [Jacques Greene ‘11 Edit]
Datamatros: Feathers
Datamatros: While I’m
Robin Thicke: Forever Love [Phazz Remix]
Dagxmy: Azure
Summertime Stories: Gotxa Bvby
IanEwing: OnOurWay

Sammy Jam

Ekali: Unfaith [Telescope Thieves Remix]
KA-YU: Set Me Free
Nam’Pa: Sexual Heeling
John Hart ft. Shanell: I Can’t Feel My Leggz [Jailo Refix]
Naiyls: Jaded
Eli Muro: Two Mirrors
Eli Muro: Orphans Son
Howie Lee ft. I Am Kaiju: Yrmt [NeguimBeats Remix]
LA-NO: Underwater Dancing Like Nobody Else [Ode to Full Crate x Mar]
Mincha: Missing You
Jengi Beats: Dikke Boef
NeverLovedU: Ash This Life Away
Outkast: Prototype [AceMyth Remix]
Flume & Chet Faker: Drop The Game [Sweater Beats Remix]
Dexter Brandon: Vs. The World
sāj: Hennessy
Mincha: I Think

SevnthWonder Guest Mix

Mincha - Lost EP (2014)


This fresh three-track Mincha EP dropped a couple of days ago. Finally had time to listen through it. And you know what? It’s awesome. Like you would expect anything else from this wizard producer though.

The opener I Think sets the mood right away, picking up fast and introducing heavy banging drums seasoned with delicate vocals and playfull bass line.  Forgive Me has so much soul and the tempo fluctuations work perfectly to accompany and add layers to the atmosphere of the song. Missing You is all about the sensual and sensitive, velvet sounds and tasty synths with longing vocal cuts. 

A very solid release once again to be added to his admirable catalogue.

- Sammy Jam

The Code - 1|11 ( 2014 )

Internet’s been buzzing about The Code since the first release ‘Gravity’ six months ago. This some way mysterious group from the UK has kept people on their toes and asking for more. To be honest, I was waiting for another track but instead of that they dropped full length album. 10 tracks with signature ‘The Code’ sound. Reverbed sounds, drums hitting just the right way and nice falsetto voice on top of that. Alternative Rnb just the way we like it.

"The Code embodies various styles of music in their creations, Influences ranging from Fleetwood mac to james blake and beyond. Their are no restrictions to what The Code create."

Free download. 

Discover ‘The Code’:

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Liquid / Mixed by Ink

You may know us from soft and smooth selections, but we sure play some party stuff too when the time and place is right.

To celebrate 50k plays on our soundcloud page Ink put together this uptempo mix. Couple new tracks and some old favorites. This should make you dance.

FKJ - Open The Door
Trus’me ft. Amp Fiddler - Can We Pretend
Darius - Vanyll
Nick Wisdom - Things Ya Do To Me
Bearcubs x Tom Misch - Colours Of Freedom
Earth, Wind And Fire - Brazilian Rhyme (Extended)
AlunaGeorge - Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)
Brandy - I Wanna Be Down (LeMarquis Remix)
Wantigga - Just Friends
Jarreau Vandal ft. Joya Mooi - Move Love
Nick Wisdom - Snoopin’
Full Crate - Let’s Funk This Motherf*cker
Andras x Oscar - Everytime I Go
MNEK x Disclosure - White Noise (Full Crate & FS Green Remix)
Gordon City ft. Laura Welsh - Here For You (Bearcubs Remix)
Abhi//Dijon - Let You Know
YUMO ft. Jordan Rakei - Liquid
Dwele - Lady (Wantigga Flip)

We hope this gets you in a good mood. 
And thank you everybody for your support <3

Similar Objects - Fragments Of A Great Confession ( 2014 )


Our friend from the Philippines Jorge aka Similar Objects just released his second project on Darker Than Wax. RnB vocals on floating soundscapes. ‘Angel’s Breath’ track was premiered in our show #26

Similar Objects returns with his second release on Darker Than Wax – one that is just as emotive, and even more beautifully melancholic than the last. Jorge has imaginatively translated his dire into his music, injecting a fresh and sexy perspective into rhythm and blues.

Cop the 4 track EP from DTW bandcamp.